Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I was Tagged!

Tagged By Ali Raza

The rules are:
  • Get a grab of a book near you (but it should be at least 123 pages)
  • Get to the 123rd page.
  • Grab the 5th line.
  • Add the next 3 lines to your post.
  • Then tag any 5 bloggers.

Well I am changing two rules here; instead of page 123, I will take excerpts from page 121. Why? Because this number has a major significance in my life! Any Guess? Not you Ali! And the second changed rule is that the sentence should be complete.

The book I found near me was “Every Man A Tiger” by “TOM CLANCY”:

“He plunged into them and let fly. He loved making order out of chaos. When the smoke cleared, the floor would be covered with debris, but there’d also be the glimmers of a solution here and there, which Horner would gather up and present to his boss.”

Though I don't read blogs much, but whenever it happens, I visit the following blogs. Hence I tag 'em!

Shawn Hargreaves


Atif Shaikh


Margaret Robertson

Ok! Happy Tagging!

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